How to create a Temporary Email Address? How we can use a Temporary Email Address? Complete Guide 2022

How to Create a temporary email address?
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What is Temporary Disposable Email Addresses?.

Temporary email is any service that provides temporary email in a temporary inbox or address for a certain period of time however we can use it for several purposes like signing up on Facebook, Tiktok, different social media, and online forums and websites. which Keeps your mailbox safe clean and safe from spammers, attacking robots, and advertising mails. Also, it can be used for Netflix Sign Up. Isn’t good news?. In this blog, we gonna talk about How to create a Temporary Email Address?

Temporary email is also known as a disposable and throwaway email. Disposable email is generated at any random address which does not require any registration process. If you use a temporary email address, your email box is safe from spam. And also it protects your device from being tracked and avoids leaking your personal information via email. is one the best place to generate temporary email address which is totally safe and secure to use. It is totally free no any cost you need to pay to use this website. And is very easy to use. by using we can create temporary email address just by one click. We can create temporary email address by using by following steps.

How to Create a Temporary Email Address?

Creating a Disposable Email Address is easy, You have to complete few simple steps to get your temporary email address on your IP address. You know that your email address will be kept for Lifetime just create your custom email address on one of our custom domain alias keep your mails lifetime.

Open a Browser & Search

Just open any web browser on your Desktop (Chrome, Firefox), Android Device ( Uc Browser, Chrome) or Apple (Safari, UC Browser). Get over to and search for on the search engine similarly shown in the image below

. on Google search


After searching on Google Search Engine you will get results. Among those results you have to click on first result link that includes just like given in image below:-

Create a Temporary Email Address

When you click the link below, you will get a temporary email address and a mailbox where you will receive Emails from the sites you have used this Disposable Email Address. You can check the image.

Now your temporary email inbox is ready to use and also you have opportunity to create a custom temporary email address. You have to click on New button that is available just below your temporary email address. You can follow steps below given on image.


  • Insert your custom username
  • Select your domain alias (.com, .edu and .biz tld are available)
  • Now, click on create.

You will get a temporary email address and temporary mailbox on your own custom username.


Now, your Temporary email address is ready to use. Receive unlimited email from websites, Social Media like Netflix, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Tiktok and many more. This email address can be also used on online communities and forums. Just Create a temporary email address and keep your mailbox clean and safe. By following this tutorial you can create a temporary email address easily and fast.

Thank you!


How to create a temporary email address?

You can get temporary email address on Just do simple three steps
1. Search on google
2. Visit
3. Click on Create Random Email Address.
Your Temporary email address is ready to use.

Where to get temporary email address?

You can get your temporary email address or Disposable email address on or Just visit one of them.

What is temporary email address?

Temporary email address is short term disposable email address which are self destructed on nature.

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