Introduction 30 Minute Email

30 Minute Emails can be also termed as Temporary emails, Disposable email addresses, Trash mail, Throwaway emails, and So on. You can create your Temporary Email address in a second just by visiting and receive emails faster and keep your personal email address safe and secure. Temporary email is one of the best discoveries.

What is 30 Minute Email address?

30 Minute Temporary Email is a disposable email address that generates email addresses for a time period of 30 minutes. 30-Minute Mails are easy to create and self-destroyed after 30 minutes. In a general sense, you can compare this 30-minute email address with other different Temporary Disposable Email Addresses like

"Disposable email address, also known as DEA or dark mail, refers to an approach that involves a unique email address being used for every contact, entity, or for a limited number of times or uses."

Technology Behind 30 Minute Email address System

In this present Information and Technology world, Everyone has an email address, and 99 percent of online needs an email address for verification and contact purpose. You use your Email address to contact friends, Receive payments, and updates, do office work, and also for other purposes. Everyone sends email messages to their employees, subscribers, watchers, and friends.

Receiving Emails too often in the mailbox makes users uncomfortable and also sometimes they get irritated by having advertising emails, sales emails, and soon. To avoid such emails users search for a Temporary email address. Users can get temporary email addresses from 30-minute emails,, and

Why does one Need 30 Minute Email Address?

30 Minute email addresses are temporary email addresses that generate a temporary email address for a 30-minute life span.

As it has a self-destruction nature, it will delete automatically received emails and then generates a new temporary email and it is again ready for receiving emails.

  • App testing
  • Loyalty Program Signing up
  • Spam Elimination
  • For to keep the mailbox clean and safe

How to select a Temporary Disposable email?

To choose the best temporary email address you should follow these points:-

  • No Registration
  • Get Email Addresses in one Click
  • Temporary Emails should be anonymous
  • More than one email address should be offered. (as many as you want)
  • Offers a temporary mailbox where users can check emails.
  • Time period ( offers lifetime temporary email and also you can delete and generate a new one)

Why Choose

  • mail and also offers lifetime storing of your emails which helps you to get your mailboxes just by requesting us. receives email too faster than other competitors also you can download your temporary email addresses by just clicking on the download button and also you can delete your emails with a tap. We assure you to keep your information 100% anonymous and safe. Hope that you will like this feature.


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